Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

automated storage and retrival systems

Xbotics is a partner with several manufacturers of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS). Together, our partners bring over 45 years of Automation experience. Our AS/RS systems provide several key benefits. An efficient AS/RS system helps companies optimize workflows and cut expenses by minimizing the amount of unnecessary parts and products in storage. These systems improve the organization of warehouse contents and improve inventory efficiency. Automated processes allow for more storage space due to high-density storage, narrower aisles, etc. Automation reduces labor costs while increasing safety and lowering workforce requirements.

Products that are often sold together or are more popular than others can be grouped together or placed near the delivery area to speed up the process of picking, packing and shipping to customers. This Enables a seamless link to order processing and logistics management in order to pick, pack, and ship product out of the facility.

By analyzing where products are stocked, which suppliers they come from, and the length of time they are stored, companies can control inventory levels and maximize the use of warehouse space. Furthermore, firms are more prepared for the demands and supplies of the market, especially during special circumstances such as a peak season. Through the reports generated by our AS/RS systems, firms are also able to gather important data that may be put in a model for it to be analyzed.

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